KIT - JOYETECH eMode Complete Kit ( ΑΣΗΜΙ )
KIT - JOYETECH eMode Complete Kit ( ΑΣΗΜΙ )
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KIT - JOYETECH eMode Complete Kit ( ΑΣΗΜΙ )

The Joyetech eMode is a truly one of a kind electronic cigarette that actually deserves being called "revolutionary". It's true, we are not exaggerating; the eMode had a development and testing period of 12 months before being launched - that much research and development went into it! The core of the eMode is a complete vaping system that brings together all the gear and functions required for a flawless vape. It is the first 100% optimized electronic cigarette system - not a random combination of parts that sometimes don't work well with one another. The eMode is an extremely elegant and superbly engineered vaping solution that delivers everything required for a perfect vape.

Length: 190mm
Diameter: 18mm
Power: 2100mAh
Voltage: 3.3V – 5V
Power: 4.5W – 10W

At the core of the eMode is a variable power control unit. The easy-to-use control unit allows you to choose from four vaping modes that have different voltage and wattage levels. The eMode also features a real-time function that can be used with VV or VW modes - RVV and RVW. Real-time modes are configured through the extremely versatile MVR software and allows you to pre-set desired voltage and wattage levels. The RVW feature has a further three slots for selecting and saving three different power levels. The difference between VV/RVV and VW/RVW is that VV and VW are operated by rotating the top ring to adjust where the RVV/RVW function lets you pre-program your device for maximum convenience. The MVR software also allows you to set specific liquid flavours, upload/share with other vapers, and download settings from other vapers to experience difference vaping styles.

The Joyetech eMode is powered by one of the best 16650 batteries in its class, the rechargeable 2100mAh SANYO. Charging is very simple as well, you can charge the battery while it's in the casing using the provided USB cable, or charge externally. The eMode is a pass-through system; if you're charging directly from a USB port, you can vape with it while it's being charged. The eMode atomiser is an exceptionally well thought out combination of the tank and atomization unit. No flooding, no leakage; the eMode runs on the immersible C2 heads that sit in the e-liquid and are firmly locked into the tank base. The 3ml tank/atomizer combination is also designed to be dismantled and cleaned as easily as possible. There's more - the eMode features an adjustable airflow mechanism that helps make a good vape even better; you can adjust air inflow according to your inhalation strength and duration to get the very best out of your device.

The Joyetech eMode - you will not be disappointed.

The package contains:

2 × Mouthpiece

1 × Clearomizer Tank

2 × C2 Atomizer Head

1 × Control Head

1 × Battery Tube

1 × Inner Battery

1 × Airflow Adjustment Tool

1 × USB Charger

1 × 230V Wall Adapter

1 × User Manual

Product Advantages:

VV, VW, RVV, and RVW modes

Variable voltage (VV) and variable wattage (VW) modes with RVV and RVW that allow pre-programming. 100% customization with ranges between 3.3V - 5V and 4.5W - 10W.

Adjustable airflow

Personalize according to your vaping strength - the classic deep and slow puff, the average strength puff, and the quick and short puff.

Large vapor production, brilliant flavor transmission

The eMode delivers one of the best vapour performances in its category, including flavor and throat hit.

C2 atomizer technology

Features C2 immersible atomizer heads for a much improved vaping experience.

Easy filling

Unscrew the top cap and atomizer and pour e-liquid into the indicated hole.

Charges directly through a USB port

No adapter necessary.

Super stylish design

The eMode is guaranteed to elicit attention.

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Product Extra Info:

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eMode C2 Heads

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