KIT - Kanger Subox Mini Sub Ohm 50W ( White )
KIT - Kanger Subox Mini Sub Ohm 50W ( White )
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KIT - Kanger Subox Mini Sub Ohm 50W ( White )

The sub ohm Kanger Subox Mini is a brilliant little clearomizer and box mod combo and an absolute steal at this price. Visually, the Subox Mini is a stunning electronic cigarette with a super sleek appearance. The size is perfect and fits comfortably in your hand. As fine as it is in terms of esthetics, the Subox Mini isn't only about visual appeal, it's incredibly good in the performance department as well. The Subox Mini kit even has an upgraded Subtank Mini that has real improvements. The new vertical coils and much-improved air flow system results in considerably better flavor at higher wattages. It can even be vaped as an RBA!

Kanger Subox Mini Overview

Capacity: 18650-based
Wattage Range: 7W - 50W
Min. Resistance: 0.3Ω
Subtank Mini Capacity: 4.5ml
Wicking Material: 100% Organic Japanese Cotton
Dimensions: 82mm (H) x 39mm (L) x 22mm (D)

The Subtank Mini on the Subox features vertical coils and has different juice flow holes compared to the original Subtank Mini. The taste from the Subox Mini kit is top-class sub ohm flavor transmission. The taste is in the neighborhood of the Freemax Starre, Herakles, and similar atomizers. The clouds are massive too. The overall vape quality has definitely gone up with the Subox Mini. Another impressive feat of engineering is about leakage. The new Subtank Mini is really leakproof, you can vape with no worries whatsoever. The Kanger Subox Mini is also very flexible and has an RBA mode where you can use it as a rebuildable atomizer. Each Subox Mini kit comes with RBA parts, including cotton, spare coils, screws and a mini screwdriver. The RBA section sports two huge liquid flow holes on the sides to allow for better wicking. When you're wicking the RBA, you need to use more cotton than normal to fill the liquid flow holes with cotton. The sides of the RBA are fixed/screwed down; to slide off the side panel of the RBA, you just need to unscrew these fixed parts just a little - a very practical and useful system. The RBA is also remarkable for having best quality PEEK insulators that protect against melting. The Subox Mini tank does an overall better job of staying at cool temperatures, too; it can be fired at higher wattages a lot better.

The air flow mechanism has also been optimized on the Subox Mini, it features two air flow slits with different sizes. Another great aspect of the Subox Mini is the fact that it doesn't crackle or spit too much, which is always a positive. The Subox Mini works with a minimum 20A 18650 removable and rechargeable battery. The magnetic door on the Subox Mini is absolutely brilliant, it's held tightly in place by a lot of magnets. The magnetic door doesn't rattle at all, nor does it fall off accidentally. The buttons are intuitive and very easy use, plus the OLED screen is viewer-friendly - you can even flip the screen by holding down the plus and minus buttons. As expected, the Subox Mini is equipped with passthrough technology that allows you to vape while your device is being charged. It's also very compatible across the board; you can vape it with nearly every type of clearomizer, including the Aspire Atlantis 2, Delta 2, Matrix, Freemax Starre (Maganus), Vision MK, OBS T-VCT, Horizon Arctic and many more. Naturally the Subox Mini comes loaded with safety features like protection against short circuits, reverse battery problems, low resistance issues, and usage overtime.

The Kanger Subox Mini is suitable for pretty much every type of vaper out there. It's safe to say this kit is a great box mod that will take your vape to another level of pleasure.

The package contains:

1 × Kanger 50W Subox Mini (KBOX Mini box body)

1 × Kanger Subtank Mini (upgraded)

1 × 0.5Ω OCC Atomizer Head

1 × 1Ω OCC Atomizer Head

1 × RBA Deck (including spares, screws, cotton, etc.)

1 × Micro USB Charging Cable

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Product Extra Info:

→ You will need an 18650 inner battery for your Subox Mini kit. Please click here for the LG HE2 high drain battery. If you also need an external charger for 18650 batteries, please click here.

→ Electronic cigarettes need e-liquids to work; if you don't already have liquids, or would like to browse through our extensive range, please click here to view our exceptionally smooth tobacco blends or here for our delicious fruity and exotic blends.